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As noted in previous posts, I have been brainstorming through what would be the places that folks would be less likely to think of to raid but would have useful stuff none-the-less.

I think pharmacies could be at the top of the list.  However I bet anyone who has to take medicine for one reason or another might also think of this as well, but would they by-definition be a little easier to defeat in a struggle?

Pharmacies have lots of pills for lots of different aliments. Pills are easy to carry. So would pills would be good thinks to negotiate with. But what beyond antibiotics would be good to gather?

Off to the internet!

The Hesperian group has a pdf copy of their book Where There Is No Doctor. This book’s goal is provide communities with instructions on how to provide medical care in third world situations, would be useful in the apocalypse as well.  Particularly Chapter 6, “Right and Wrong Uses of Modern Medicines.” “green pages” which is their list of “The Uses, Dosage, and Precautions for Medicines” mentioned throughout the 504 page long book.

Also worth printing out before the grid finally collapses is the World Health Organizations list of essential medicines.  They list about 200. But it has a whole bunch of terms (such as “Antianginal medicines” that I am not sure what they mean.  On a side note,  getting someone who had served in Doctors without Borders would be a good member for one’s tribe.

So raid the pharmacy, grab whatever you can, and get home and study the list, of course you won’t be able to google the terms after Armageddon.