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As I been getting the garden ready, I been debating how I should landscape for the Apocalypse.

My front and backyards have already got some things going for them.  I have bougainvillea plants under two of the front windows, good for keeping the marauders out.

There is a large pine tree in my front yard.  This will be great if I ever need wood for burning.  Also the pine needles are great for the compost pile.  I never water this tree.  I think the roots have run underneath my neighbor’s yard.  She waters her grass every day.

I have two orange trees in the yard.  One of these trees I never water, and weirdly enough it is the one that does much better.  I have three aloe vera plants in the yard.  Good for medicine.

My backyard has a lot of bermuda grass.  I also never water this grass but it just keeps on growing.  The bermuda grass was there when I moved in.  I have never really encouraged nor discouraged its growth.  My orange trees, cacti, and mesquite trees have grown despite the fact that bermuda grass has.  I been debating is bermuda grass good or bad?

On the plus side, It grows on its own without me trying to help or hurt it.  It is good straw for adobe bricks.  It could be used to goose the solar still.

On the negative side it is not good for the compost pile and is bad for garden.

Below:  My front yard.

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Update on Fry’s electronics

Posted: January 2, 2011 in plan, tribe

I went to fry’s electronics to find a part to adapt the solar power water pump I have and while there took a scouting mission of the store.

In general, Fry’s Electronics does has not a lot of useful stuff for the post apocalypse. However, what they do have might be come in very useful. It is stuff more for long-term survival (such as protecting the compound) rather than for immediate survival.

Useful things there.

  • Portable Solar Panel Systems (Sidenote for future research: Check out company sites for Sunforce, Sunsel, and Tamiya.)
  • Locks
  • Batteries
  • Entry Defense Alarms (run by batteries) Doberman is brand name.
  • Handcuffs
  • Pepper Spray
  • Metal Detectors
  • Gold panning kits
  • Very life-like toy guns (to be used for training purposes)
  • Praying mantis kit (for growing insects for fishing)
  • Binoculars
  • Telescope
  • Night vision goggles

I am sure there are also a bunch of other electronic widgets and plug-ins that would be useful to have if one had basic electrical skills, which I do not.

And of course The snuggie for warmth and security.

Raid Fry’s Electronics?

Posted: December 31, 2010 in brainstorm, plan
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Would Fry’s electronics be good to raid?  I mean it is counterintuitive right? Electronics, meaning video games, VCR’s, DVD’s, computers and Washing Machines seem like silly things in a land without electricity (or at least the Grid’s electricity).  But Fry’s Electronics has got a lot of crazy shit.  Plus I live close to there, which makes it good for raiding.  For those who don’t know what Fry’s Electronics is imagine some weird Target without the clothes, gardening stuff, non-prepackaged food, camping stuff but all that space replaced with a giant Radio Shack. Its worth at least a scouting mission.

I need to go there anyway to help me figure out something I am stuck on with the portable solar power system, which is what got me thinking in the first place.