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 When I first moved in AZ 8 years ago I did a lot of hiking.  I stumbled across a hiking group that made was made up of a bunch of retired people and me.  Despite the fact I was looking more to meet some ladies my own age I kept going back because they took me to some pretty amazing places.
One of those places was a set of native American Ruins in Pueblo Canyon near Globe, AZ.  It is not an easy place to get to.  It is about 2 hour drive time from Phoenix on paved roads plus 2 hour drive time down a 4Wheeldirt road, and finally a 6 mile hike with a whole lot of bushwhacking to get through.  The exact directions are possible to find on the internet, but I am not sure if I want to link to them.  The ruins are amazing, but they are fragile.  I vaguely recall there being two springs there.
Below: Shot taken in the ruins, the ceiling was still intact in multiple places.
If the apocalypse hits my first choice is to stay hunkered down in my own house/compound.    FEMA and others recommend that you have an escape route planned and mapped out for emergencies that make you leave your home base.  Preferably your destination should be family or friends that live about 1.5 or 2 hours drive time away.  Unfortunately for me, my Mom and Dad are in North Carolina, my brother is in NYC, and all my friends in Arizona live in Phoenix.  However, I know a place in an old boarding town of Miami, AZ where I don’t think they would refuse me.
But if the giant-life turd hits the fan hard enough and it’s a good idea to escape all of uncivilization, I am heading to the ruins in Pueblo Canyon.  I figure I won’t be the only person heading there.  I would hope the only people who would know about this very hard to find place would be like-minded individuals.
I am trying to organize a mock-exodus/scouting mission over the April 30th weekend, but I need to find somebody willing to go with high clearance.