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The text below was written for the  liberal forum over at the Prepper Forum 

Not only am I liberal among the prepper community but I am also a liberal living in Arizona. Talk about being a minority. My guess is there probably about 100 conservatives for every liberal in the prepper community. And I know for a fact that there are few liberals in AZ. In fact, we got more registered Independents in Arizona than democrats.  Which means, in Arizona we have, in order of population, Republicans, People who believe Republicans don’t go far enough, and a few Janet Napolitano supporters.

Not that conservative-bent preppers are a bad bunch, in fact if the end of the world happens there is no one else I would better like to hang out with.  If for no other reason, there are going to be a lot more of them than me.

Talking politics is such a tricky thing.  Somewhere along the way America became a very shrill place.  Maybe we always were, Exhibit A: Burr versus Hamilton.  

I like my fellow preppers, even though I sometimes get tired of the completely outrageous statements  I hear among my conservative brethren.  I tend to keep my mouth shut when they start talking politics because I know I am a minority and flame wars just wear me out.

This post has turned into a very long-winded version of my question.  How do you handle being a liberal in the prepper world?   Do you engage in political discussions with the not-like minded?  If so, how do you handle it without it just descending into anger?    How do you remain friends and also disagree?  Maybe I should have learned the answer to these questions in kindergarten.

Below: Just a joke people, just a joke, and about a 6 year-old one at that.