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This weekend I will be in class on Friday night from 6 to 10, then 8 hours on Saturday and 8 hours on Sunday.  Sounds like fun, no?  I am taking a CERT class to learn how to help my community in the event of a national emergency.

The class sounds intense.  Not only is it a whole weekend dust in the wind, but we are covering the following……

  • Session I, DISASTER PREPAREDNESS:  hazards one can encounter and how familys should react before, during and after.
  • Session II, DISASTER FIRE SUPPRESSION:  Fire chemistry, hazardous materials, fire hazards, and fire suppression strategies.
  • Session III, DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS PART I: Diagnosing and treating airway obstruction, bleeding, and shock by using simple triage and rapid treatment techniques.
  • Session IV, DISASTER MEDICAL OPERATIONS, PART II: Evaluating patients by doing a head to toe assessment, establishing a medical treatment area, performing basic first aid, and practicing in a safe and sanitary manner.
  • Session V, LIGHT SEARCH AND RESCUE OPERATIONS: Planning a rescue, including size-up, search techniques, rescue techniques, and most important, rescuer safety.
  • Session VI, DISASTER PSYCHOLOGY AND TEAM ORGANIZATION: Signs and symptoms that might be experienced by the disaster victim and worker.
I did find it ironic that I had to sign up for the class by filling out a paper form in pen and mailing in my form by snail mail.
Below:  I hope the end of the world happens during the AZ State Fair.



I spent the last three days at the Phoenix Comic-Con for both fun and research. I was surprised there were so few direct references to the Apocalypse. None of the panel discussions centered around the end times, one was about dystopian futures, and while that is related one does not need an armageddon to imagine a future gone horribly wrong. I did see Max Brooks speak, and that was awesome. I found it humourous that he does not like Zombie walks. Zombies scare him.

Pity Bill Dee Williams. The first question from the audience he got was “Do people ever give you grieve for the actions of Lando Calrissian, not realizing that you are not actually Lando?” Billy Dee told two stories on that vein, one involving his daughters classmates pointing at him in the schoolyard.

The very next question came from a 12-year-old, the child stretching to reach the microphone asked, “Why did you betray Hans Solo?”

I think I learned a little bit about bravery from watching than man speak.

These wonderful shots of abandoned buildings in Detroit got me thinking. While Detroit died the Sun-belt bloomed. Maybe it is our time in Phoenix?

Some idiots who count money for a living think my town is the unhappiest place to be in America.  Well, frak them.

Maybe I am just being defensive.   When National Geographic depicted their version of the end they gave Phoenix central billing.  

Phoenix gets a rough rap.  (Everyone brings up the water issue.  Me, I hope the tropics move north.)

When I manage to put my own baggage aside I can admit that the largest piece of concrete in the SouthWest might have problems when the grid fails and things go to shit-fan fast. Our greatest advantage is that everyone expects us to fail.  The rats will run out of the sinking ship fast, and therefore hopefully the idiots will consider us collateral damage and leave us alone.  This is fine by me.

AZ-SouthSide has got more than one might thing going for it at the end of the rat race. To name a few: Ancient canals, plump cactus, stockpiles of guns at Apache Junction, multiple stripmalls, along with good places to hide and wait near the drying remains of Roosevelt lake.   Plus no tsunamis, major earthquakes, floods, 0r tornadoes.

The Screaming Lady, one of the Firehouse icons

We will all live in communes once society shits itself out. It is only natural. No person can live alone when resources are thin. There is simply too much to do if one wants to learn and do all the chores. You will need help for society to progress.

What does it take to live in a commune? The closest thing I have experienced is the FireHouse Sunday night House meetings. At the Firehouse 7 to 8 artists live in an old office space.  They have a stage and a coffee cart out back and a gallery up front.  There is always something happening at the Firehouse.   Every Sunday night the residents get together to discuss house issues and share a meal.   I have said for years that the best show in downtown Phoenix is the Sunday night house meetings. The reason I say this is because the best show anywhere should give you something to think about.

I used to attend them even though I was not a resident. Only residents, and people who have a legitimate reason to be there should/are allowed to attend. I took friends, because I thought they could learn something. But one of the residents finally told me, “Kevin, I don’t mind if you come but quit bringing guests, we are not doing this for people’s entertainment.” He was right.

The FireHouse told me all I know about living in a commune, but I don’t know much because I have only been an observer and not a resident.   That said, here is what I learned from watching the FireHouse and being a initiated Thought Criminal:

  • Rule 1a: Some people do not like to have their pain displayed on stage.
  • Rule 1b: Someone needs to do the dishes.
  • Rule 2: It is good to have a large common calendar present.
  • Rule 3: When people are talking it out, it is necessary to have patience and listen. This is much harder than one might think it to be.
  • Rule 4: When speaking try to be precise. Try not to bring up sidebars to illustrate a point.
  • Rule 5:  If one does not have a plan for the Post-Apocalypse, a decent plan would be to find Michael & Joanna 23 and stick with them.  Not only do they know how to raise a child, tend a garden, run a light show, and repair an old building; they also know how to get a large group of people to work together and get something done with marginal resources.   That is what will separate one tribe over another after the Apocalypse.

Below: Video Tour of the Firehouse during a 3rd Friday Firestage show.

Escape from Phoenix

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Phoenix is one of those towns that gets a bad rap when people are figuring out how to survive in the after times.  The lack of water is a true Achilles Heel.  However, one of the things Phoenix has got going for it, is not likely going to freeze to death.  I am typing this on a Sunday morning while it is 32 degrees, rare for the AZ desert. A nice reminder that I hate being cold.  Plus living in a cold place and surviving will be much much more difficult once the grid collapses.

As a reflection on the cold, worth watching is Idiot with a camera. A youtube video that Roger Ebert thinks should win an academy award.