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One the last places people would think to raid is their local library.  But there is a whole shit load of knowledge there.  Probably best if you read the books first, however your tribe will have people who have an immediate desire to learn but no repository of knowledge to pull from.  Library raiding is more beneficial for the mid and long-term survival rather than the short- term.  But, as I said, this will be one of the last places people think to raid.

The problem is the library’s card catalog system will be down.  So here is the Dewey Decimal System of places on the bookshelves to hit first.  Print this list for your bookmaker. The subjects you probably learned in high school will the least useful and there is no need to scanvager them first.  Once the inital shock has jelled for a while you will probably be able to roam the literature section.

180 Ancient, medieval, Oriental philosophy
500 Natural sciences & mathematics
508 Natural history
550 Earth sciences
581 Botany
582 Plants noted for specific vegetative characteristics and flowers
600 Technology (Applied sciences)
610 Medical sciences; Medicine
611 Human anatomy, cytology, histology
612 Human physiology
613 Promotion of health

613.69 Survival Guides

614 Incidence & prevention of disease
615 Pharmacology and therapeutics
616 Diseases
617 Surgery & related medical specialties
619 Experimental medicine
640 Home economics & family living
645 Household furnishings
646 Sewing, clothing, personal living
647 Management of public households
649 Child rearing & home care of sick

I might edit this list as I come across new numbers when I check out books, which is like raiding a place with the safety wheels still on.


Book Review

Posted: January 22, 2011 in research, Uncategorized
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Here is a down and dirty book review from my first pass by the Phoenix Library. Links provided for my favorite of the bunch.

SAS Survival Guide I like how it is pocket-size but a little hard to read because of the same reason.

How to Survive The End of the World as we Know it by James Wesley Rawles founder of  Without a doubt the best book I have come across so far in how to stockpile for the fall of society.  The man has gone a lot further down the rabbit hole than I ever will.   More of a “how to” stockpile the compound rather than how to survive without a stockpiled compound.

The Self-Sufficiency Specialist by A. & G. Bridgewater.  A good picture book to flip through for ideas but a little light on actual practical information.

Reader’s Digest Back to Basics: How to Learn and Enjoy Traditional American Skills.  One of the best books I have come yet across to add to the bookshelf.  Probably my first Apocalyptic Book Collection purchase.

Living the country Lifestyle for Dummies not as good as Reader’s Digest Back to Basics book but not bad.

The Survival Handbook: Essential skills for outdoor adventure. Another book worth buying.  Too heavy to carry in your “Get the F out of dodge” (GTFOOD) kit but the easiest book to understand because of its ample use of color drawings.

Books are heavy. Libraries are worth having. At some point after society breaks down I will probably most have likely to wander at some point and carry all of my shit.  Again books are heavy. To be willing to sacrifice the energy needed to carry it’s weight the book better include some useful knowledge and a lot of it.

From my current bookshelf I only think I got two books that could meet that criteria. One because it is lightweight. One because of the content per ounce.

First, is the “Marine Battle Skills Training Handbook: Individual Combat Basic Tasks”. Best book to have in a pinch. Hands down. At some point one better be prepared to kill after the apocalypse. Just don’t practice the skills too late.

Second is by Paul Tawrell, Camping and Wilderness Survival. It is a bit thick and heavy, when considering whether it is worth its weight in water or dried beans. But it has how to trap an animal for every sort of climate on planet earth. Which is useful , because one does not know what the weather will be like after millions have died. It could be colder or maybe hotter. My guess is on colder.

After extensive internet searching it looks like the next book I should study is Emergency: This Book Will Save Your life to pick up some skills. Even though the author, Neil Strauss is seen as a sleazeball by some because of his other books of how to pick up some skills.

Also recommended by friends is Reader’s Digest: Back to Basics, which I have their construction book and I like it.  Very clear and straight.  This looks like a good solid book.

Above: Not a useful book for the Apocalypse.