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I am starting to do some research into solar panels, because after the grid goes belly up then a little bit of juice would be a wonderful luxury.  The problem with solar panels however is they are not easy to hide.    You can’t exactly put big-ass panels hidden away in a corner because then they would not get any sun.  This principal is also why Goth kids tend to be very pale.   But if one puts them proudly up on the roof, then after society crumbles you are just asking for the barbarians to come to your driveways gate.  So……

Maybe portable Solar Panels are the way to go?   For example a solar back pack?

My local Fry’s electronics has a got one shelf of other options as well……
aprilhikeSolar 010

Lately I been mulling over what would be the best car for after the Apocalypse.

It would have to meet the following criteria.

  • Easy to work on
  • Reliable
  • Good Gas Mileage (or maybe diesel?) best if it can take both
  • Bad ass intimidation factor
  • Can take a physical beating


Here is what I found for easy cars to work on

  • VW’s before 1993
  • ANY volvo built from 85-00
  • Honda Civics

However, these cars are very weak on the bad ass intimidation factor.

Then over at the Ron Paul Discussion forums I discovered this forum which recommends 1985 to 1995 Toyota 4×4 Pickups with the 4 cylinder because it can take gas and diesel, gets good mileage, and can take a beating.

The BBC tried to kill one but didn’t

Here is also a quote from the forum:

“Top gear actually picked up one from a junkyard that had 190,000 miles on it (but still ran), and without doing any work to it whatsoever… drove it down flights of stairs, crashed it into a tree at about 30mph, sideswiped buildings, hit it with a wrecking ball, crashed it through a wooden shed, dropped it from about 12ft in the air, dropped a small camper on it from about 12ft in the air, left it in the english channel for 5 hours (completely submerged….they actually lost it but it washed up when the tide went out), lit it on fire (cab and bed), and finally…… they put it on top of a 240ft building that was then demolished explosively. They pulled it out of the rubble, reconnected the battery cable, and started it up. It still ran, and drove.”

So after a couple of hours of internet searching and reading I decided on the Toyota Pickup and went outside to take a break.  I had forgotten that my neighbor has one in his driveway!  He takes it out to the wash somewhere outside of Phoenix and races it in the dirt.  He is constantly working on it.  Which reminded me once again about Rule 1:  Get along with the neighbors.

Below: Beside my driveway.