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Here is my list of events one should attend in order to prepare for the apocalypse.

Burning Man – techno-nerds, socialmediaeanglists, pop-culture survivalists, and dancers.  Kind of an obvious first choice.

The NRA Annual Convention If for no other reason, see what you might have to contend with later.

Some sort of organic gardening convention


Any other suggestions?

I had a minor panic attack the other day.  I have not had one of those in a long while.  The Apocalypse has freaked me out.  It is not so much the end of the world that has me nervous but rather it is having multiple projects going (garden, learning construction, figuring out edible desert plants, etc etc) that overwhelmed me.  So when I heard someone was giving a talk on how to  Get Things Done (GTD), at Gangplank, I decided to check it out.  It was also good excuse to go visit Gangplank in Chandler because I been hearing a lot of good things about them. 

The movie I Am Legend does a good job of illustrating how to survive the Apocalypse one will need to stay highly organized.  This will involve religiously doing a long list of chores.  Just task after task after task.  We forget how easy modern life is.

Now preparing for the end of the rat race will involved a lot of little tasks, that are more physical than computer based, (such as rotating the compost pile versus responding to a email.)  So I am not sure how valuable GTD will be when we are surviving one day at a time.  Yet it is was a good reminder of how to organize myself as I try to learn as much as possible.  The part I liked best is to write out ones “Purpose, Vision, Goals, Project, and Calendar” and revisit these on a regular basis.