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Update: The cactus seems fine. I went back the next day, and then a week later. I plan to go again this weekend. The plant before looked like it was drying from that branch, but the root looked firm. The overall plant has about 9 spears. At this point, I suspect it will be fine.

I also learned that the hedgehog I ate had yellow needles because of coyote pee and not because I ate the wrong plant.


It does not rain much in the desert. Water in Phoenix is a not-so-secret achilles hell. I stood in the rain and wondered how much I could have gathered at the last moment.  I know some people build roofs that gather the water and then they collect it.  I wonder how much I could gather in a pinch.  I suppose I should have measured the amount and then forecasted how long that would have lasted.

To do:

Next rain, fill the pots, to see how much I could gather in a pinch, and know how to filter the water.  Apparently sand matters.  But what constitutes sand?    Where could one gather it if not by the beach? And I will need to get my hands on some Alum, where they hell do I get that?