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“The Omega Man”

This movie was an earlier and much campier version of “I Am Legend” starring Will Smith. While campy, it’s not a halfway bad movie….

Thoughts pondered

Would it really be that fun to be the last man on earth?

Who knows what we will lament.

The descendants of the ones who survive will be angry at the ones who burnt it all down. They will be consumed by jealously of the ones they hate. Ohhhhh, the irony!

It would be lonely to be the last man on earth.

Without hope most men give up. Children will give us hope and hope must remain.  I have yet to come across a Post-Apocalypse movie that doesn’t hit the “We must keep Hope alive” theme.

World War Z (a great book) and the movie 2012 blame it on the Chinese, thank god I am not around 1 billion people when I need to escape civilization.

Crazy shit will happen in the national parks.  People will flee there to get out of the crowded cities.  Go for the less obvious wilderness.  Yet if one is in a national park and it all falls apart quickly, don’t spend the last couple of hours driving back to L.A.

Don’t trust the government.  Well duh.

If the end happens quickly, don’t be in Las Vegas.  Again, duh.

Destruction can be a beautiful thing.

A sense of humor would be nice to have, to help put everything in perspective.

2012 is one of the rare “during-the-apocalypse” type movies.  Most “Post-Apocalyptic” movies are, as the name suggests, after the apocalypse.   Zombie Movies and Alien movies would be other types of “during-the-apocalypse” movies.  But both Zombies and Aliens seem unlikely from the hundreds of other ways in which things could fall apart.   Sudden Natural Disasters on a global scale also seem one of the more unlikely methods.   How quick would society  fall apart in the various causes of the Apocalypse?