Why this site exists

I recently realized that if society crumbles I don’t have any real skills. I might be able to explain how the bond market works but I don’t think anybody would care in a world where people are riding around on motorcycles in their underwear. While I am comfortable with speaking in front of people, I do not know how to raise a garden nor skin an animal. So my resolution for 2011 was to learn as much as I could in one year.  Let’s assume that Armageddon doesn’t happen and it ends up being a Mayan-Y2K joke and we all laugh at Nostradamus.  But just in case……  why not work on some bankable skills?

I am going to see how much a schmuck like me, a man with a gut living in suburbia america with a 9 to 5 job can learn in one year.   And this blog will mark my progress.

The irony, of course, is if the whole world goes to shit, no one will be able to read it.

Kevin P Dec 2010

First rule of the apocalypse is to always look cool.

About the author

After growing up in the foothills of North Carolina and spending some years in Mexico City and Damascus, Syria I ended up settling in Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix has been good to me because the city’s healthy underground arts community introduced me to the performance arts. Like many in Phoenix I have multiple projects going on. However, this project is the most fun I have had with one in a long while. Click on home to see how my preparations for 2012 are going.

I can be contacted at sonofpatter at g mail.

Disclaimer: I am learning all this stuff as I go along.  I don’t pretend to be the internet’s master of any of it.  So if you got any criticisms, feedback, or smart-ass remarks, feel free to leave them.

  1. I really want to ride a motorcycle in my underwear. It’ll be just like 1985.

  2. Derek Dean says:

    I wanna listen to Irish post-rock outfit God is an Astronaut. The Acopalypse can wait !!!

    Fireflies and Empty Skies……. bring it on.

  3. JAJure says:

    After living ‘off the grid’ for 5 years in the mountains of Nuevo Mexico, I have skills. Granted some skills are rusty from dis-use since I am no longer in my twenties but it’s like riding a bike. I suggest making friends w/people who are older, more rural than we are, and been through harder times than our lifetime (yes, even street peeps). Turn off technology as much as possible, keep expanding your skills, and learn to want only what you NEED. ps. I can teach you how to skin, butcher and brain tan hides. pps. Keep your wits about and your knife sharp! And laugh often cuz we’re gonna need it!

  4. Caleb S says:

    Well, I’m glad you said what were all thinking. You will be an important man in New Phoenix, and I’m glad to have met such a survivor. I now have road flares, which I will attempt to use to purchase the skills of people like you. In all likelihood I will be directly impacted to death by the [ pending disaster ] since I live in [ large city ]. In the event that I am trampled, or what-have-you, I leave my road flares to you. In a time of darkness know that there is a silver, plastic bin (w/ lid-latch handles) containing a little hope in the uncertain future ahead.

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