Recent award

Posted: September 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

I would imagine my visitors for these next couple of days will be because I won a New Times “Best Of” award for “Best Blog About the End of the World – 2012.”

I am very happy to win the award, it helps feed my ego.  I would like to say that the article is wrong that I think the Mayan Prophecy is going to actually happen.  But like I say in this blog’s “about” page, “Let’s assume that Armageddon doesn’t happen and it ends up being a Mayan-Y2K joke and we all laugh at Nostradamus.  But just in case……  why not work on some bankable skills?”

I should also note that I have not done much updating since 2011.  I also planned for this blog to be my big project for 2011.  I usually like to have a different project for each year.   So that’s why there are not a lot of recent posts.  However, if you like take a spin on the left side of this page through “Recent Top Posts” for the greatest hits .   

Thanks for visiting, and thanks to the New Times for the honor.

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