Update to solar still

Posted: August 27, 2011 in solar, water

Update to solar still.  This would have been a good idea.

  1. spot says:

    How about instead of using the debris around the perimeter, you use lengths of wood. Maybe 2×2’s, with some bricks or cinder blocks on top for extra weight. This would eliminate the debris from running down the plastic into your bucket (especially if it is windy and then rainy), and the subsequent leaching of the debris into your water which may affect the taste/quality (not to mention if the debris is of unknown origin, any toxins/chemicals it may contain).

    To accelerate the still, you could put fresh organic debris (grass clippings, pulled weeds, crumpled leaves or fruit/vegetable scraps etc..) beneath the plastic – the decomposition of these materials will generate heat – much like compost, and accelerate condensation without affecting the water quality gathered in the bucket.

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