fishing in the wild waters of PHX

Posted: August 27, 2011 in animals, fish, food, garden
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I need to learn how to fish.  Because if you teach a man to fish he can fish in the canals. I know fishing in the canals sounds disgusting, but fish make for good and cheap fertilizer, especially for corn.

Here and here is the info I have found about fishing in the canals.

Short version, you can fish pretty much all the canals except the CAP.

Cut and pasted…..

Can I fish in the canals?

Yes, unless posted “no trespassing.” Anglers must have a valid fishing license in possession for state waters (not an urban fishing license) as per ARS 17-331. Learn more about fishing regulations in Arizona by visiting the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s Web site at

Below:  Not a Phoenix Canal.

Canal Milan Italy

  1. Liah Sire says:

    The problem with fishing in a postapoc scenario is that to gather enough resources to make your trip worth the expended energy, you’d need to be there a LONG time, thus exposing you to elements (possibly very dangerous) and other wasteland inhabitants (probably very dangerous).

    The trick, I think, would be netting. Setting up a bottleneck for fish in a river that passes through a safely stationary net would be the best way to collect enough food to smoke and preserve for the future without losing precious time. If you fish in the canals, you’re not likely to pull up much daily, and will find yourself expending significantly more materials and resources over any stretch of time.

    Though, I’m happy to teach you how to fish.

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