Friday night feral cat report

Posted: May 7, 2011 in animals, backyard

3 out of 4 cats caught and quiet.  The last one is too smart, or at least after seeing his mom and two siblings caught he decided to beat it.  Trap still set in case he changes his mind.  From my kitchen window, I watched how each one was caught.  With each successful capture they became more reluctant.  But the smell of oily tuna is one hell of a temptation.

Mom caught first.  6:30

First sibling caught 6:45

Second sibling caught 7:15.  The  last two stalked the cage together.  One watching out for me while the other inspected.  They were smart enough to play with the door from that was shut from the outside of the cage to see if they could work it open.  I find it odd that the two that were already captured did not freak out when they smelt their brethren close by.  The blanket over the cage to calm them works wonders.  Cats are both brilliant and also really dumb.  It was finally the smell of tuna, rather than curiosity that captured the third cat.

9:17  Trap still set.  The 4th cat remains elusive.  He seems to have satisfied his curiosity.  He is not lingering anywhere in the yard.  He is not patiently watching under one of the many dark shadows and corners in my chaotic backyard.

Saturday morning: 6:30  The chicken in the last trap remained untouched.  I had reset the trap and the bait around 11:00 to no avail.  Cats are currently at alteredtrails waiting for the knife.  I pick them up around 4.

  1. Dude, I think it’s great you are doing that. Concats to you!

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