Reconnaissance Report for Escape from Phoenix Plan

Posted: May 1, 2011 in escape from phoenix

If it turns nasty when society crumbles upon itself, one might want to get away from the falling trappings of civilization.  As discussed in an earlier post, I know of a ruin outside of town that I suspected would fit the bill.  However, as I hadn’t been in there in 7 years I needed to make a scouting trip.

Mike and I went this weekend.  Here is the preliminary report.

puebloruins 118

Pueblo Canyon Report.

A sign along the 29 mile dirt ride in gives a description on the ruins. It states at one point “why they chose to utilize this challenging environmental zone is not yet fully understood.” Well, it seems pretty damn obvious to me. The ruins have a good, reliable (if not always year round) water source and is easy to defend.

puebloruins 069

Mike and I counted 11 springs near the ruin, in addition to that waterfall that would be a perfect cold shower.

puebloruins 078

The ruins would be easy to protect, especially if one had modern weaponry. The only real approach to the ruins is along a winding path on the opposite side of the canyon’s sliver. The trail snakes along the bottom of a tall rock wall on your left and an immediate drop-off to your right. With only one real way in, the approach works as the perfect shooting gallery. Not only that but one could easily drop dead trees upon the invading hordes from the ridge above.

Below: View from the ruins of the only approach.

puebloruins 131

Below: View of the ruins from the approach. The ruins lay below the darkest band in the cliffs. They hide among the shadows and the dark rock.

puebloruins 054

If one had/could produce enough food and the waterfall was running, it would be easy to sustain life for 300 to 400 people among the ruins. Assuming one would not mind damaging/altering the ruins once we only care about basic survival. In the meantime, if you visit, remember they are fragile and old. They stand as a record for times forgotten. Don’t harm them.

puebloruins 158

Below: Second story door jam.

puebloruins 113

The ruins consist of 4 buildings. Each building is a series of adjoring rooms. Each room could sleep around 6. Some buildings were 3 stories tall, some were 3 rooms deep. The walls are starting to lean, which means they might not last much longer, and many walls have already fallen. However, much of the raw material needed to build a permanent shelter is already there. Large logs for the roof and flat large stones for the walls lay scattered about. One would only need to learn how to make the mud adobe. It would take many hours of hard labor, just to clean the collapsed ceilings off the floors, but it could be done. Again, bring food. One might get hungry.

Below: Old school Adobe.
puebloruins 098

Below: Collapsed roof.

puebloruins 133

Below: Broken Wall
puebloruins 104

Below: Despite the sharp cliffs one is living on, I don’t think it would be difficult to raise crops here. I was amazed by how green the canyon the ruins are in. Ferns, I saw ferns! Ferns, for those who don’t know, ferns are a rare treat in the desert.

puebloruins 067

puebloruins 046

Below: Door Jam.
puebloruins 089

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