Book review for “Gardening when it counts”

Posted: April 8, 2011 in arizona, backyard, books, fallout library, food, garden, garden

I been reading Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times by Steve Solomon and frankly it just overwhelms me. 

After reading the watering section I am not sure if he is telling me to water more or water less.  I suppose one needs a little bit of a mathematical mind to follow his recommendations,  maybe having a mathematical mind is part of  a green thumb?     I wasn’t sure what he was talking about in the watering section, much less the composting or fertigation sections.

I believe my soil in Phoenix is Clay, and he doesn’t seem to think it is worth growing in clay.  This makes me sad.  The reviews on for the book are mixed, some feel as I do, while others strongly recommend reading the book a second time in order to get everything to sink in. 

I did like the idea of making a compost-tea and then use a drip method on the plants.   That might be a good project for the weekend.

Below: A less-than succesful experiment of using an old pallet to make a slightly raised bed.

gunsandgardens 023

  1. It sounds like it was a book written for avid gardeners and not someone just getting into it? Or maybe it was just badly written. You shouldn’t have to read it twice to get the info from it. See: Brian Greene, Elegant Universe.

    Of course, your theory on having a mathematical mind helping with the green thumb holds true in our household. I talk to plants and water them and love them and they die. Jonathan plays music and calculates shade vs. sunlight and measures water and enjoys the entire process, and they thrive.

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