I wonder if the 2011 Survival conference is worth going to.

Marks against it

#1 It is in Dallas.

#2 It will be people pitching me a bunch of stuff to buy.  Much of it will seem necessary at the time.  Even putting aside the obvious thoughts on how easy it is to sell fear, it is money I don’t really have to spend.

#3 While the conference and hotel is cheap, the airfare makes it debatable.

Marks for it

#1 I would learn a ton.

#2 It is fun to window shop.

#3 Dallas can’t be all bad.  Sure it might have a tangled history with guns, but so does Tucson, and I can tell you that Tucson is a wonderful town.

  1. Dain Q Gore says:

    Alternatively, you could send a proxy! Know anyone in TX?

  2. anninyn says:

    It is ALWAYS worth while going to survival conferences if you can reach them. You never know…

  3. Patti Pfister says:

    Dear Sirs:

    Is there any possibility of your organization coming to my area of the country
    Lancaster Pa near the Philadelphia area or to New York?

    We haven’t had a bit of information as to what to do in case of an emergency—
    and needless to say it is scary–

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