How to be a good Apocalyptic Housewife

Posted: March 4, 2011 in thoughts

I came to the realization while prepping the soil for the tomatillos that all these preparations are just domesticating me. I tool around in the garden and in the kitchen. I spend time inside tidying up to help with the recycling. I have learned how to sow buttons and seeds.

I also realized this forced domestication is probably a good thing. Lord knows, I have not yet found a woman who rein me in.  And at some point someone needs to do the dishes.

Sidenote: Should I get a roommate to see what it is like to live with others? Because that is certainly a skill needed to survive the end. After all, no man can do all the chores on an island.

  1. This needs to be expanded into a full fledged piece. This is such a great idea it needs fleshing out.

  2. I want to see you in an apron and dress socks reading this. Just an apron and dress socks. And didn’t you have Derrick as a roomie?

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