Lessons learned and Thoughts pondered while watching “The Postman”

Posted: February 5, 2011 in books, pop-culture, thoughts
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People in authority lie.

Those who survive will most likely wear beige.

The people need hope to survive (Nothing new here, this same lesson is in every post-APO movie ever made.)

Ceremonies are important and useful.  They mean there is a tradition strong enough to defend itself.

If being tracked, walk through a snow storm and not after it.

Apocalypse (APO) movies just love their changes to morals about sex.  Better cinema than history proves the most commonly stable relationship is one man and one wife.

If you find a good place to stay, then stay.

Once you have established a tribe, who would be your first ambassador to go out and meet other tribes? You would want to see who is out there, and trade with them but also not let the hostiles know you had stuff to raid.

Take any airborne rangers who want to join your tribe.

We walked on the moon once.  If we keep just a fraction of what we have learned, then mankind will not be rooting in caves.


The Postman might be a good book to read, the movie is a little hokey but it brings up some interesting points. There are some scenes that don’t seem to fit into the movie that I would guess are fleshed out more in the book. The Postman plays like a movie that was too focused on staying true to the book which makes the movie suffer a little.    

Update: Afer reading the wikipedia entry for the Postman, it looks like the movie was completely different than the book, yet the book got good reviews and props, including nominated for Hugo award, and that ain’t bad.   Off to the library!


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