Rule 1: Get along with neighbors

Posted: January 13, 2011 in Neighbors, pop-culture, rules, tribe

Rule 1 should be get along with your neighbors.  At least that is rule one if you live in my neighborhood.  On one side they grow chickens, have a huge garden, a fleet of woman to tend it and cook, another fleet of men who know construction and a solar panel.  On the other side of me is a grandmother who has Pack-Racked for many years, a house filled with children (Humanity will need children to keep hope alive) and men who know how to fix cars.

They know me, I know them.  If I am going to have to pick a tribe to belong to anyway it might as well be them.  Of course, I would have to prove I am worthy.  If I know how to gather water and electricity, that would help.  It would help more if I spoke Spanish.  I always got to get the kids to translate (again good to have children around because they learn quickly.)

Maybe I should add “Learn Spanish” to my list of tasks for the apocalypse.

dancinghorsegridflagstaff 028

Here is a shot of a friend of my neighbor with a dancing horse in front of my house.

  1. Steven C says:

    Won’t they be more concerned about thier children, rather than you?

  2. […] From what I have seen so far, the community of people preparing for civilization’s curtains tend to be a conservative bunch. You know, lots of people with family values (see every Post-APO movie ever to see the importance of keeping hope alive), ex-military types, apostles, doomsayers and pro-gun lobbyists. Not they are a bad bunch, in fact if the end of the world happens there is no one else I would better like to hang out with.  See Rule 1: Get along with your neighbors.   […]

  3. […] So after a couple of hours of internet searching and reading I decided on the Toyota Pickup and went outside to take a break.  I had forgotten that my neighbor has one in his driveway!  He takes it out to the wash somewhere outside of Phoenix and races it in the dirt.  He is constantly working on it.  Which reminded me once again about Rule 1:  Get along with the neighbors. […]

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