Weekend Wrap Up- Desert Botanical Garden and The Grow House

Posted: January 11, 2011 in animals, animals, backyard, food, garden, garden, gophers, meat, research
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This weekend was mostly a research weekend.

First, I re-visited the Arizona Desert Botanical Garden and snapped off some more pictures of plants that I can use for food.

garden with dave Jan 2011 005

I also spent a couple of hours staring at the place I plan to have my garden, and trying to figure out how I would approach it and realized I had no idea of how to start.  So I decided to swing by The Grow House in beautiful Downtown Phoenix and study what they had going on.  The Grow House is an urban farm, which means they took a regular house and are wringing as much food out of it as possible.  I ended up meeting a gentleman (whose name I think was Brandian) who gave me a quick down and dirty tour.

The most important lesson was to make sure you make good berms to catch the water.  He said when he first moved out here from New Jersey, he had a hard time with all the “good soil and space” they were wasting on making berms, but he eventually “just had to let that go.”  A good berm is the key to growing in AZ. He was not as considered about the East-West vs North-South issue.

Next step on Garden is to research a site suggested by Melinda, PBS- Victory Garden.

I also did a bunch of reading about how to snare animals and read somewhere along the way that guitar strings make for good snares.  Apparently I know a lot of people who have old guitar strings.  I thought about making a donation box at the Trunk Space but Steph, the owner, is a vegetarian  so maybe I should not do that.  She got really mad at me when I told her my story about eating monkey meat.

I am going to do my first attempt at snaring the gophers in my yard next weekend.  My plan is to then skin and eat the gopher.

On a side note, internet searching led to Urban Dictionary and according got them a berm is “One who lacks the basic hygienic and social skills to lead a productive life.”

On another side note, my first attempt at gathering manure failed.  Anybody know where I can get my hands on some poop?

  1. Jay says:

    You ate monkey meat?! You are fucking disgusting!!! >:|

    • Yeah, I would not eat it again. When I did it eat it I did not realize it was monkey meat. It was in a very isolated place in Southern Mexico. We had been all day wandering around some ruins, and that night they gave us some soup with this very stringy meat in the bottom of the bowl. Both me and my friend were starving so we ate. It was one of those meals where you eat without talking.

      Both of us talked later about how it just felt ate wrong what we were eating. We assumed it was because we were worried about getting sick. The last thing on our minds was that it had been monkey meat. We finally asked what we were eating and the cooks told us monkey meat. Both me and my friend were shocked. The fact it had “felt wrong” then made sense to us. I figure it is the closest thing to cannibalism I will ever do.

      Again, I would not recommend it, nor plan on eating it again.

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