Escape from Phoenix

Posted: January 2, 2011 in plan, thoughts
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Phoenix is one of those towns that gets a bad rap when people are figuring out how to survive in the after times.  The lack of water is a true Achilles Heel.  However, one of the things Phoenix has got going for it, is not likely going to freeze to death.  I am typing this on a Sunday morning while it is 32 degrees, rare for the AZ desert. A nice reminder that I hate being cold.  Plus living in a cold place and surviving will be much much more difficult once the grid collapses.

As a reflection on the cold, worth watching is Idiot with a camera. A youtube video that Roger Ebert thinks should win an academy award.

  1. I love that film, the lighting throughout was gorgeous. I figure I’m reading this just so I can pass the info on to my children, since CA will fall into the ocean long before the apocalypse.

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