things pondered upon and lessons learned while watching “2012”

Posted: January 1, 2011 in movies, pop-culture
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World War Z (a great book) and the movie 2012 blame it on the Chinese, thank god I am not around 1 billion people when I need to escape civilization.

Crazy shit will happen in the national parks.  People will flee there to get out of the crowded cities.  Go for the less obvious wilderness.  Yet if one is in a national park and it all falls apart quickly, don’t spend the last couple of hours driving back to L.A.

Don’t trust the government.  Well duh.

If the end happens quickly, don’t be in Las Vegas.  Again, duh.

Destruction can be a beautiful thing.

A sense of humor would be nice to have, to help put everything in perspective.

2012 is one of the rare “during-the-apocalypse” type movies.  Most “Post-Apocalyptic” movies are, as the name suggests, after the apocalypse.   Zombie Movies and Alien movies would be other types of “during-the-apocalypse” movies.  But both Zombies and Aliens seem unlikely from the hundreds of other ways in which things could fall apart.   Sudden Natural Disasters on a global scale also seem one of the more unlikely methods.   How quick would society  fall apart in the various causes of the Apocalypse?

  1. since we’re talking “during the apocalypse” let me throw my two cents in. I don’t a believe the apocalypse will be a sudden thing.. it will likely take a few years. People won’t know that’s what’s happening at first. Resources will begin becoming scares, prices will rise and rise until it won’t be a matter of how much you can pay, but whether there is anything left to buy. Our apocalypse will be one of over population and slow environmental decay. Eventually the only equilibrium that can be reached will be a mass die off of our population along with a majority of the planet’s plant and animal life.

    I also think a pandemic flu is likely, like the Spanish flu of the earlier 1900’s that killed anywhere from 50 to 100 million people. in today’s terms that same percentage mortality rate would equal 200 to 400 million deaths, most of which would take place in the first month. Of course you can expect a higher infection rate today because of over population ease of travel, but also a higher rate of survival based on advances in medical technology.. so probably about the same 3% to 6% of the population.

  2. Sound look good theory’s to me. 7 years maybe for the first paragraph?

    If it does go down fast my bet is the second paragraph.

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