Why one should raid PetSmart

Posted: December 31, 2010 in animals, food, Health, meat, plan, protein
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Let all the ignorant masses try to pillage Wal-mart, the place will be filled with idiots whose entire plan is to raid Wal-Mart.  Like grabbing cheap-shit made in China that will not stand the test of time is a plan.

Gun stores and grocery stores will also be a lot of competition.

What will people not think of first to raid but will have tons of good stuff?

How about Petsmart?   I am thinking Petsmart will be  a good place to raid and pillage, but this is coming from a man who has never been there, so it’s all guess-work at this point.  Maybe worth a scouting trip?

Why I think Petsmart would work.

  • First off I would imagine there is lots of bird seed.  Protein, easy to carry,  already dried.  It’s the post-apocalyptic version of gathering nuts and berries.
  • Dog food.  I bet that shit is canned to last forever.
  • Lots of good materials to build traps with.  And pre-limanary research shows building the trap looks to be the hard part when trying to trap an animal.
  • Cages in which to keep, feed and transport animals.
  • Animals = Food.
  • Medicine for animals. I bet there is a lot of anti-boditics that are good enough for a human in a pinch.  Plus who couldn’t use a horse tranquilizer or two when everyone has got a bad case of PTSD blues.
  1. Terry says:

    They usually sell water there too, near the cash registers.

  2. A lot of the PetsMarts also have vet clinics in them which would add to the medical supplies and even some surgical stuff- and yes, a lot of animal meds are the same as human meds, just different doses. There are also things like dog blankets and beds, cat-scratching towers which could be dummied up into some kind of scarecrow or security decoy with other supplies in the store. Not to mention dog whistles which could be used for several things that I don’t want to put here in case there is a God and I might burn in Hell for thinking about eating puppies. I mean…..

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